What to pack in your car play kit

What to pack in your car play kit

Have you ever had half an hour to fill in between getting your family to and from appointments? Need to let the kids get out of the car and do something? What if you were prepared for just such an opportunity? You can utilise your car to house a Car Play Kit, which essentially contains everything you’ll ever need for a spontaneous on the go playdate with your family. Sound good? Let’s explore some ideas to pull together and start having fun

  • Cricket bat and tennis ball

Cricket – All you need is a bat, a ball and some kind of stumps (garbage bins or a few sticks) - it's such an easy, fun game that will suit older kids. You can pick up a set like this

  • Frisbees

Frisbee Keep Away – Have two players stand apart with a third in the middle (about 2-3 meters away), then it’s a game of keepings off the one in the middle, if they catch they frisbee, the thrower swaps positions and goes into the middle.

Frisbee throw – Choose a designated throw from point and give everyone a chance to see who can toss the frisbee the furtherest.

Frisbee Tic Tac throw - Tic Tac Throw is a super simple, but really fun game. Using a picnic rug as your base, mark out a 3 x 3 grid using some duct tape, have the first player toss a frisbee onto a square and then the second with the objective to get 3 in a row horizontal, vertical, or diagonally. First one to do so wins.

500 Up Frisbee Game - The rules are simple, one person is the tosser and everyone else is the catcher. The tosser has the right to call out how many points each throw is worth, whoever catches the frisbee on the full is awarded the points. If the player drops the frisbee those points are deducted. If no one catches, the throw is over with no points awarded or lost. First player to 500 wins.

  • Bouncing balls

Rolling - For the younger kids, they enjoy gently rolling a medium sized soft ball on the ground, and you can roll it back to them.

Waddl’n - Use a few softer balls and get the kids to carefully place one between their knees and get them to try to run, a race is even more fun. If the ball falls, they have to return to the start and begin again.

Soccer or football - Play kick to kick with a focus on skill or just who can kick the furthest.

  • Bucket and spade

Sandcastle building competition - If you happen to be near the coast, find some wet sand and turn the seashore into an imagination zone, can you build a castle, a town, a space creature, practice letter formations, spelling or numbers? The possibilities are endless.

Golf - Using one or two buckets, lie them on their side a few meters away. Then using the spade as a “golf club” try to get a small ball into the bucket, hole in one style.

Mud pies - If it's a longer break you have, fill up a bucket with some water from the drink bottles and dirt and mix it up. Ask your little one to prepare you all types of food, with leaves/flowers/pebbles/sticks as decoration.

  • Hula hoops

Hula Blockers - All you need are a few hula hoops and bean bags, (or rice in ziplock bags). Place the hoops on the ground throwing distance apart, divide the bags between the players. The object is to land your bag in the others hoop, while at the same time deflecting the flying bags coming into your hoop. Players have to stay inside their hoop at all times.

Human pretzel. - For this super fun game, slide a hula hoop on someone’s arm. Then hold hands in a circle. The aim of this one is to move the hoop around the circle, over and under everyone without letting go of your hands. See how long it takes and try to beat that time next round.

  • No equipment needed

Red Light, Green Light - Do you remember the game What’s the time Mr Wolf? Along similar lines, one person is the “traffic light” and stands at one end with their back to everyone else who are at the other end. When the traffic light turns around to give directions either Red light = stop and freeze or Green light = go, the players need to obey the traffic lights. If a player is caught moving on a red light, they need to return to the start.

  • Clean up

With all this fun and outdoors time, your kids are bound to get a bit dirty, or wet or have a bump or scrape, so what else to include in your pack are some emergency clean up supplies.

  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • wipes
  • tissues
  • towel
  • small first aid kit, band aids, bite cream, antiseptic, tweezers
  • paper towel
  • spare nappies
  • extra clothes
  • extra shoes
  • plastic/garbage bag for soiled/wet clothes or equipment

You can store everything in a laundry basket in the boot, and remember if you’ve used something and it needs to be replaced, be sure to put it on your to do list.

Store your play pack in the car boot

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