School Holiday Planner - free printable

Printable School Holiday Planner

It’s that time again, where did the last term go? Have you planned your two week holiday yet? Do you need some help planning and organising your kids holiday schedule? Download and print this free school holiday planner, and make sure to include some rest and relaxation too. Heading off for a road trip? Have you checked out all our great Travel and Road trip series printables?

Free school holiday planner printable

School holiday planner

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Maybe you’re not sure where to start? As kids get older, it pays to be prepared with lots of ideas, with a range of weather in mind. Including your kids in a brainstorming session helps get kids on board and they usually have some great ideas to add to the list too. Enlist the help of your friends and see what they have planned. Maybe you could team up with them for a day or offer to host a play date to give them a break, they may just return the favor and mind your kids on another time.

Depending on your budget, having a range of free and not so free activities helps to spread the families holiday dollars a little further. Make sure you contact your local tourism board and ask what school holiday activities they have running locally. Usually, the local shopping center also offer free school holiday activities, including crafts, visits by various child entertainers, or promotions for movies or new products. There are fantastic websites that contain a range of school holiday activities for your family in your local area, or if you’re in Melbourne, try here, Sydney or Brisbane


Get your free school holiday planner here.

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